🌷So bloomin’ much….❤️

We hope you are as excited about spring as your children are! They cannot wait to get outside in the warm sunshine! We try to find as many opportunities as possible, for lessons, snacks, lunchtime or simply taking the long way back to the classroom from a “special” to enjoy the day!

Bruno is such a busy place in April! Earlier in the month, we traveled to the Children’s Theatre (please remember my “oops” and the $25 if you have not taken care of it yet!)! Our own Bruno Montessori musical was a fabulous experience! Classroom 2-rrific had a huge hand in its success, as nine of our amazing students were Lion King participants! Wow! Lower Elementary was invited to visit the Upper Elementary Wax Museum this week. Students researched and took on the persona of a famous individual. Our students learned so much about each exhibit they visited! Dr. Bright dropped by our classroom bringing cookies and friendship coins for our students. He has become such an amazing friend to Classroom 2-rrific! Ask your child about the meaning and use of the coins! We also celebrated Ramadan and Eid with Maria. She bought cupcakes and shared some of the traditions her family continues each year! Together with our botany study, we prepared and sampled giant lima beans over rice. They were simply delicious! We also sowed lettuce seeds and are keeping an eye on the tiny green strawberries as they form in the classroom garden. Fingers crossed that the squirrel doesn’t get them before we can sample them this year. Finally, this Saturday, April 2Oth, 11:00-2:00, will be the return of the Spring Festival! This extravaganza is being led by our own Christie White! Freeman’s mom and her support team have worked tirelessly to make this a wonderful experience for everyone! Please be there to support Bruno Montessori and Christie &Co.’s efforts!

Despite the temptations of the bright sunshine, your kiddos have remained focused and excited about meeting their goals in the classroom each day. Please continue to remind them as they exit the car each morning to stay focused and learn something new each day! Ms. Tejal and I want you to know we enjoy and appreciate your children so bloomin’ much…🌸

Dates to remember:

April 20th – 🌸SPRING FESTIVAL!! 11:00 – 2:00

April 29th – May 3th SAT testing: 3rd Level only

May 6th- 10th Teacher Appreciation Week

May 9th Art Show and Spring Concert

May 10th STEAM Day

May 13th -17th Science Collection Week (More information to come!)


        Classroom 2-rrific TOUR OF ITAY basket!

Come place a bid on our amazing basket on Saturday! Includes all sorts of goodies to help navigate an amazing Italian meal, PLUS a lesson for two in Italian cuisine preparation!          

  See you at the Spring Festival, tomorrow, April 20th, 11:00 – 2:00

Classroom 2-rrific welcomes Spring!

Spring has sprung in the lower elementary! You can feel it in the air; everyone has a little spring in their step and a song in their heart thanks to a little sunshine and warmer weather. We have found so many things to celebrate; spring break, Easter, good behavior, Ramadan, meeting your goal, birthdays, friendship, solar eclipses, completing a work plan and Women’s History Month! Our students amaze themselves with how much work they accomplish each day! Be sure to ask your student about “plan your day” on the back of the Weekly Reflection!

Let’s go FLYING!! #Aviation #STEM

Lieutenant Colonel Bruce Bright, a friend of our Ella Grace George, came to school to share his love of flying with our students. His enthusiasm for aviation was captivating to our class. Dr. Bright shared the safety clothing worn by F/A-16 pilots, the science of flight, the requirements to become a Marine pilot and many other interesting facts! Dr. Bright led the students in making their own planes and brought a model of the jet he flew to make in the classroom! AND, he brought Easter cookies for the future pilots in Classroom 2-rrific! Thank you for the fun, Lt. Col. Bright! His bio can be read by clicking the button below.

We’ve got FOCUS and joy and Pi!

Our students are in a fantastic place right now. They are striving to meet their individually set goals each day! We have so much fun at the end of the workblock reflecting on how much they have accomplished! Ms Tejal and I estimate we check approximately 100 lessons each morning! We LOVE it! But, the best part is seeing the joy and pride on the faces of the Classroom 2-rrific students after a focused and successful day. THAT…. is what we strive for in a Montessori classroom!

March 14th was International Pi Day and Lower Elementary cannot let a day with such magnanimous importance go by without a little celebration! Students created cityscapes, a chain that represented many of the multitudes of numbers associated with Pi, necklaces, and watched demonstrations of how pi is used to calculate the circumference of any circle! And of course….we ate pie!!!

On Friday, we were honored to have Hanaen Alras (Maria’s mom) and Surraya Rajpari (Zameer’s mom- Classroom 1), present information about Ramadan. They shared about fasting through the season; how the days for Ramadan are based on the moon; and the celebration of the final fasting day, Eid! We sampled dates, a staple of the Ramadan fast because of their nutritional value. The sweet moms brought a calendar of good deeds for each classroom to follow throughout the holiday season and thoughtful favors for our students! It was a wonderful experience for everyone. Thank you, Hanen, for making this day special for our students.



~Third-grade parent meeting – March 21

~Spring break – March 25 -29

Parents’ Night and Birthday Week(???)🤣

We hope you enjoyed Parents’ Night as much as we did! Our students worked hard to make sure you had a wonderful evening! Each child had the opportunity to select the lesson they would like to share. Their choice could be based on how much they enjoy the lesson, or maybe they know it really well; or, in some cases, it’s just “really cool“! Next, each student will find a place in the classroom where they believe you will be comfortable as they work. We practice “sharing” the lesson a few times to perfect our public speaking skills! And finally, each student makes a personalized sign to advertise their lesson. Every material and shelf in the classroom was cleaned and straightened by our students in preparation for your visit. They always want it to look so nice for you! We hope everyone had a fabulous time and learned a lot about what your student does each day!

Thanks again to Dr. Priscilla Denny, a local orthodontist and JBMA mom, for visiting the Lower Elementary during Children’s Dental Health Month. She brought visual aids and a great deal of information for our students about braces, appliances, and colorful rubber bands! Our students always have so many questions, it’s nice to have her patiently answer their questions and neutralize the anxiety some children feel about going to the dentist. FYI- she also shared that children should visit an orthodontist by 7 years of age as there is a great deal that may be done preemptively these days.

HAPPY SWEET SIXTEEN, Ms.Genie!!!! Huge thanks to Ms. Genie for sharing donuts on her BIG DAY, Leap Day, 2024!!!!!

We had birthday week in our classroom this week as three of our own celebrated another year! Happy birthday to Charlie, Knox and Ms. Tejal!


  • Due to huge demand, the Book Fair will be extended through Monday, March 11th
  • No school on Friday, March 8th
  • No school! Spring break, March 25th to 29th.
  • Spring parent conferences are coming!
    • Be on the lookout for a conference sign-up email 
  •  1:00 dismissal on April 11th and 12th 
    • No aftercare 
  • The Lion King spring production is Friday, April 12th at 6:30 
  • Check out Google Classroom for March homework!

Enjoy the beautiful weather!

Love, Learn, Grow!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We had a great Valentine’s Day party! So much help from parents and fantastic planning by our superb room mother, Elizabeth Dunston, made it so fun and joyous! We had craft activities and yummy goodies that the children enjoyed enthusiastically before settling in to open their cards. Even though there was a great deal of celebrating going on, the students will quickly tell you how productive their week was! Many students completed 5 or more lessons each day! We really are at our best! Thank you all for your support here and at home. You truly make a difference in our success!


Classroom 2-rrific has been so busy!!!

How did we get here so fast! Thank you all for the patience you have shown during January! Between the weather, holidays, and illness it seemed we would never get back into sync! February has breathed new life into everything and it’s starting to feel ”normal” again! I always feel we do our best, most focused work at this part of the year and the children have proven me correct again! We are working so hard each morning. Please note our changed schedule that began with the new year. Please make any appointments so that your kiddos do not miss their “special” classes. They only get to go once a week and they really look forward to them.

Monday – 12:00-1:30 Drama and STEM

Tuesday – 8:30-10:00 Music and Tech.

Wednesday – 12:00 – 1:30 German and Art.

Dates of note:

  • ❤️Valentine’s Day Party – Wednesday, February 14th, 1:30
    • Students should bring their decorated Valentine’s box or bag, and 23 Valentine’s cards (signed only) to pass out to friends in our class.
    • Please contact Elizabeth Dunston, Eli’s mom, if you would like to help with our party!
  • No school – Monday, February 19th in observance of Presidents’ Day.
  • Mark your calendar for Parents’ Night, Tuesday, February 27th. More details to come!

FYI –  Report cards have been posted in the FACTS Family Portal. Also, re-enrollment emails were sent for the 2024-2025 school year. If you did not receive this information please contact Ms Melanie in the office! Login to the FACTS Family Portal to reserve your child’s place for next year. 

Science Fair Rocks!

Classroom 2-rrific lived up to its’ name at the First Annual Lower Elementary Science Fair! Each of our students gave amazing, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable presentations about their science projects. We want to thank all of our awesome parents for giving their children the space to create and feel ownership and pride in their work. We would also like to thank you for the support you showed ALL of our students through your attendance and interest in each child’s presentation. Enjoy the pictures and memories of our day!

Seasons Greetings!!!

What a fabulous time we have had this holiday season! Classroom 2-rrific has been able to balance lessons AND fun in such an admirable way! We have all been so excited to watch our classroom Christmas tree evolve as we add more and more to it! Each kiddo made ornaments and contributed to making the wonderful chain that decorated our tree! Adding presents underneath for the book swap completed the scene and led to all kinds of curiosity! The Holiday show was such a treat this year and I am sure all enjoyed it tremendously! Ms. Janelle has been such a wonderful addition to our school! Despite all of the holiday distractions, students continued to build knowledge with our regular lessons and discussions on magnets, electricity, standard liquid measurement, parts of an angle, and the “needs” of humans. What an incredible holiday season!

Please enjoy this wonderful time of the year, and remember it is all about family and love!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Ms. Lynda and Ms. Tejal

🎁Happy Holidays!

🎄Classroom 2-rrific is incredibly busy!

  • The Holiday Program will be on Tuesday, December 12th, at 7:00 PM
  • Book Swap books should be wrapped and under the classroom tree on Wednesday, December 13th
  • Our classroom Holiday party will be on December 14th at 1:00
  • Pajama and Movie Day is on Friday, December 15th – bring a decaffeinated drink with a screw on lid!
  • Early dismissal is on Friday, December 15th, at 1:00 PM. NO AFTERCARE!
  • Winter break begins December 18th, 2023 and students return Wednesday, January 3rd, 2024