Bruno Lower EL Classroom 2

Ms. Lynda and Ms. Tejal


Sep 19, 2022 – Sep 23, 2022

What a beautiful 40th-anniversary celebration it was on Sunday. So many old friends, former students, and teachers visited our campus and classroom! Everyone had a great story or fun memory to share about their time at Bruno Montessori! Ms. Theresa’s founding and dedication to our school were honored by her family and the JBMA Board of Directors with a beautiful Japanese maple tree. We appreciate all of the loving work and planning Ms. Melanie did for the celebration. Our students showed their gratitude to her by inviting her to light the candle for our Peace celebration this week.

In honor of International Peace Day, our students contributed to the 40th Anniversary by creating the beautiful Bruno rocks. It was a beautiful day last Friday, so we were able to take a nature walk around our campus. The children found lovely little spots to nestle their rocks on our stroll. Many visitors to the celebration commented on finding the rocks in special places and how good it felt knowing we continue to promote values and peace here at JBMA.

Please remember that JBMA will always accept support donations to help continue the ongoing academic excellence and beautiful facilities she has always shared with her students, faculty, and families.

 *Click on the following link to donate today!

Bruno’s 40th Anniversary – Joseph S. Bruno Montessori Academy

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“The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind.” Education and Peace, Dr. Maria Montessori.

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Young @ 40!

Sep 12, 2022 – Sept 16, 2022

Hello Class-2rrific Families,

How time flies! Can you believe Bruno Montessori Academy is celebrating its Fortieth Anniversary? We will celebrate this momentous occasion with a lovely Open House this Sunday, September 18th from 2- 4pm! A special memorial will be held for our founder, Theresa Bruno Sprain, at 2:00pm! Please make plans to stop by, have a treat, meet alumni, see the amazing gym renovations and visit with former teachers. The school is accepting donations in honor of this success. Please consider a contribution to help maintain the beautiful grounds and educational standards that Joseph S. Bruno Montessori Academy has always been able to offer. We look forward to seeing you all be a part of this beautiful day!

*Click on the following link to donate today!

Bruno’s 40th Anniversary – Joseph S. Bruno Montessori Academy

Then click Donate

Cultural lessons are held in the afternoon from 1:30-2-2:30, Monday-Thursday. Please try to schedule any appointments or check-outs for the morning hours as it is difficult for your child to make up a missed cultural lesson. This week we covered the Mesozoic Era and the Age of the Dinosaur, cardinal directions, states of matter, and comparing animal and plant cells. Students love getting to visit each Lower Elementary teacher for cultural lessons!

Finally, be sure to be on the lookout for students’ creative Bruno Rocks on campus during your visit this Sunday!

May peace be with you.

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Short Week @ Class – 2rrific!

September 02 – September 09 , 2022

Welcome Back! 

Coming off a long weekend, everyone was excited to share what they did to celebrate Labor Day. It’s amazing to see how comfortable our students are standing up to “share” with each other online! Even our most reserved students enjoy sharing news with our group!

In a Montessori Classroom the students take great responsibility for the upkeep of their environment. Classroom 2-rrific students are no exception! Each week the children are assigned a different area to clean in the classroom. They take this very seriously and give the job a great deal of effort. When you enter our classroom you will find neat shelves, a clean floor, well sharpened pencils and tidy cubbies. We are also responsible for cleaning the lunchroom following our midday meal. Parents would be amazed at the effort and efficiency of our students to recover that area! Just a heads-up that chores are a “good-thing”.


Joseph S. Bruno Montessori Academy is celebrating its 40th Anniversary this year! We are hosting a wonderful open house on September 18th from 2 – 4 pm to celebrate this monumental achievement. We invite all current and former students and their families to attend these festivities. Former teachers will also be in attendance to help make this event special! We look forward to seeing you there!

School Lunch: We are seeing a great deal of food waste in the lunchroom!

Please talk with your child about their lunch choices;  both Christain Catering and lunches brought from home. 


Chess Class begins this Tuesday, September 13. 2022 in our Lower Elementary Classroom 2. 

Our School is a nut-free environment.

Let your child know to be prepared to get off in the morning car pool lane.

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Hola, Class 2-rrific !

August 29 – September 02

Can you believe we have already completed the month of August? The children are acclimating well to the new school year routine! It is inspiring for us to see the students come in each morning and know how to start their day. They are learning the classroom and are able to be more independent in selecting lessons to complete. We appreciate parent’s effort to make sure their child is ready for the spelling assessment. They are always so excited to show what they know!

On Thursday we celebrated Dr.Maria Montessori’s 152nd birthday! We read a biography and chatted about her contributions to our school and the world. The students are always amazed that she was the first woman doctor in Italy! They also enjoyed that apparently Maria’s favorite birthday treat was Krispy Kreme doughnuts!! Ms.Tejal shared information about the period of time Maria lived in India. She explained how Maria embraced the culture and even wore a traditional sari while living there. Ms.Tejal wore her beautiful sari and explained all about its origins and meaning. We enjoyed our birthday celebration!

We have earned our first holiday on Monday, September 5th! Please enjoy your long weekend! We will reduce the number of spelling words the students will bring home to study in response to the shortened week.

Final note: Our classroom is often quite chilly. Your child might enjoy keeping a sweater or sweatshirt in their backpack for such times.

School Closure
JBMA will be closed next Monday, September 5 in observance of Labor Day. School will resume as normal on Tuesday the 6th. We hope you have a wonderful day off with your student!

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Hello, Class-2….rrific!

Students were thrilled and proud to share their “Me Bags” this week! We learned so much about each other! Their interests are varied and fun! We have car-lovers, animal lovers, game players and karaoke fans! Who knew?
Students are beginning to remember our daily schedule and plan their work accordingly each day. We are working to establish daily goals and the way to attain them. Getting into a routine is an important part of that task!
If you have not signed up to send flowers to the classroom, please email us about a date! This week’s flowers have really kept the classroom looking fresh and beautiful! And, your student loves the opportunity to arrange the flowers. If you happen to have a small vase around the house that you do not use, we would love to put it to use!

This week in our cultural studies, students participated in the play of “The Drama of an Archeozoic Ocean”. Continents and oceans were the topic in Geography. Science experiments were conducted about the salinity and buoyancy of the Ocean. We also talked about the parts of an animal cell in conjunction with our Great Lesson, “The Coming of Life”

Please continue to remind our students to bring the clear folder to school each day until it becomes a habit! The “Science Collection Selection Slip”is due by the 31st August!

Remember to check the September menu for Christian Catering and please make your lunch choices by Wednesday, August 31 !

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Welcome , Classroom 2-rrific!

Welcome everyone to our Classroom Blog!

The first week of school was full of excitement. It was wonderful to be back together! Students, both returning and new, introduced themselves and shared their summer experience. We enjoyed a fun nature walk on our beautiful campus, conducted interviews with fellow students and played friendship bingo. Every student contributed in the discussion as we established our classroom rules. We learned routines to help our schedule run smoothly. It was a super fun and busy first week that we topped off with popsicles on Friday!

We started off the week with a BANG! The Montessori Great Lesson of the beginning of the universe was presented to Classroom 2-rrific students. The children enjoyed their cultural groups this week; we learned about Pangea, Living and Non – Living things and chemistry of the Earth. Students are enjoying our Read- Aloud Session which is in conjunction with our upcoming School Play “James and The Giant Peach”.

Now that Homework is been assigned, we look forward to our sharing of their “Me-Bag” !

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